About Me

meMy name is Scott Ellison and I am a “wine snob.”  I am not a wine snob because I speak through clenched teeth or drink only expensive wine. I am a wine snob because I “really” care about the wines that I choose to experience. You guessed it…. its that word “really” that is the key to being described as a snob of anything. I believe its time to redefine the “wine snob” label.

I love learning about all things wine. I find absolute joy in tasting wines and meeting the diverse people that make and pour great juice. Meeting those responsible for the grape to glass journey gives the best perspective of the wine itself. Lucky for me, I live in beautiful Northern California, which in its entirety is wine country. Grapes are grown all over Northern California and not just in Napa Valley. Living so close to so many vines gives me regular access to more wineries than I can visit each year but that doesn’t stop me from trying.

It’s the dialogue that makes the journey more enjoyable so drop me a line or hit me up on social media. One of the best parts of drinking wine is the conversation. Here’s to our first and next glass together. <clink> May our sharing lead us to our new favorite wine. Cheers!

wine snob • [wīn] [snob] n
• A person who believes himself/herself an expert, wine connoisseur
• Possessing a condescending or disdainful attitude of other opinions.

“New Wine Snob” • [nu wīn snob] n
• Loves finding, swirling, drinking and sharing good wine with others.
• Enjoys the social experience of wine with friends, both old and new.
• Seeks venues to learn, share and discuss wine.
• Shares knowledge with neophytes still swirling with training wheels.
• Understands palettes are unique; one persons gem is another’s waste.

Raise your glass to redefining the “Wine Snob.”