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Valley of the Moon 2010 Barbera

January 8th, 2015 | No Comments

Valley of the Moon 2010 Barbera There be big aromatics in there! Sweet, over ripe cherries jump from the glass. Wow… hello! Maybe some plum and cocoa making the nose nice and round.  It definitely has depth. The palate starts with a little spice and a bit of oak. The cherries can’t help but continue […]

D’Art 2011 Barbera

December 2nd, 2014 | No Comments

D’Art 2011 Barbera A sweet fig and spice nose. The palate is committed. Fig continues to dominate with a slightly sour plum playing second fiddle. The spices don’t get unruly but they sure do hang around like an afternoon shadow. In fact, they feel like they never plan to leave. It just becomes the background scenery. […]

Helwig 2012 Barbera

November 18th, 2014 | No Comments

Helwig 2012 Barbera An herbal and spice filled nose. Its full of assorted red fruit. A seashell. Keep digging your nose in there and you can smell the vineyard air in the Shenandoah Valley here in Amador, CA. Neat trick. The pepper and spice livens up the palate in a hurry. Its always good to […]

Karmère 2010 Barbera

November 13th, 2014 | No Comments

Karmère 2010 Barbera An amazingly transparent nose. I got some high spices but not much else. Odd. I couldn’t dig anything out of there. Maybe it was just my nose. Just took my first sip… the palate is definitely not passive. Big fruit and matching acidity game plan. Go big or go home. Now I’m […]

Story Wines 2010 Barbera

November 4th, 2014 | No Comments

Story Wines 2010 Barbera A mixed berry and earth nose. Maybe some musk adds to the complexity. They are a delight to your nose. This is a big wine and I do mean big. Sweet berries jump onto your tongue with a spice or two. A little sweet with a hint of spice. The bold acid structure is […]

Amador Cellars 2011 Barbera

October 4th, 2014 | No Comments

Amador Cellars 2011 Barbera Cherry and spice and everything nice. Smells alive in the glass. The spicy palate is fun and a bit wild. Finish is on the modeled side. Feels immature like it needs to sleep. Dark fruit finish. Reail: $26 (K&S Rating: 3 of 6) Winemaker Notes: “This is the style of […]

Borjón 2012 Barbera Reposado

August 15th, 2014 | No Comments

Borjón 2012 Barbera Reposado Blueberries in abundance. Not a big nose though. Big acidic start. Jumps to the back of your mouth quickly. The expectation of a slightly sweet palate gives way to vanilla and a little leather. After a little acid bump for giggles, the finish strums. Its tasty and hangs in there for […]

Andis 2011 Barbera

July 21st, 2014 | No Comments

Andis 2011 Barbera Oh that smells good! This little goodie is a Barbera with a little Zinfandel and Grenache to make it a party. More like a mellow soirée but you get the idea. Strawberries, raspberries and some spice in the nose. Smells delightful. It sits so casual on the palate. It’s not suppose to be big. […]

Oak Farm 2012 Barbera

July 1st, 2014 | No Comments

Oak Farm 2012 Barbera Black Cherries and plum. Spicy on the tongue and the complexity jumps out mid-palate. Sweet notes dance around tangled with tart fruit. The lovely tannins are soft and want to waltz, not jitterbug. Good juice. Tough price point. Retail: $32 (K&S Rating: 4 of 6) Winemaker Notes: “Delicious plum jam, dark […]

D’Art 2013 White Barbera

May 26th, 2014 | No Comments

D’Art 2013 White Barbera A pink blush look to this juice.  Smells of the working vineyard. You almost expect a sweet nose from this pale rosé tint.  Once it hits your palate, you realize that this isn’t what you expected.  It gets sweet briefly and then snaps tart.  You palate is spun by the “dipsy […]