“Wine Snobs”

wine snob •  [wahyn] [snob]  noun • A person who believes himself/herself an expert wine connoisseur and is condescending toward or disdainful of those who hold other opinions.  

“New Wine Snob” [nu] [wahyn] [snob]  noun
• Loves finding, swirling, drinking and sharing good wine with others.
• Enjoys the social experience of drinking wine with friends, both old and new.
• Seeks venues to learn, share and discuss wine.
• Shares knowledge about wine with neophytes that swirl with training wheels.
• Understands that each palette is unique and one persons gem is another’s waste.

Raise your glass to redefining the modern Wine Snob.  Cheers!

Coming Soon!

This page will be the heart of the Key and Swirl Palette Connection.  Below we will begin to host Wine Snobs from far and wide.  This is where you can seek out a Wine Snob that has a similar palette to your own.  If you share the love of one bottle of wine, it is logical to assume you will share that same appreciation for other bottles as well.  Browse through our list and see who you share a palette with and hopefully that will lead you to your next favorite bottle of wine.

Cheers • Key and Swirl