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My name is Scott Ellison and I am a “wine snob.”  I am not a wine snob because I speak through clenched teeth or drink only the most expensive wines.  I am a wine snob because I “really” care about the wines that I choose to experience. You guessed it…. its that word “really” that is the key to being described as a snob of anything.  I believe its time to redefine the wine snob label.  In fact, I built this blog as a gathering place for wine snobs looking for a place to learn, share and enjoy all things wine.

I love learning about all things wine. I find absolute joy in tasting wines and meeting those that make them.  Meeting those responsible for the grape to glass journey gives a great perspective on the wine you are drinking.  I provides hints at the source of the wines personality, color, aromas, flavors and finish. Lucky for me, I live in beautiful Northern California, which is entirely wine country. Grapes are grown all over this region, not just in Napa Valley which is a common misconception.  Living so close to so many vines gives me regular access to more wineries than I can visit each year but I sure do try.

I thank you for visiting my site and I invite you to take part in this journey.  Please subscribe to my page!  You will get near daily emails with the updates on my page.  Contact me via email!  I would love to hear from you personally.  You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram as well.  I looking forward to sharing with other wine snobs both far and near.  It’s the dialogue that makes the journey more enjoyable.  One of the best parts of drinking wine is the simple communication that develops when you clink your glass.  Here’s to our next glass together.  May our sharing lead us to our new favorite wine. Cheers!