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Carvalho 2010 Boat Shed Red

December 19th, 2014 | No Comments

Carvalho 2010 Boat Shed Red A mixed vintage blend of mostly Tempranillo with Old Vine Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and maybe a dash of Dolcetto. A spicy raspberry nose to start. The mouth is tart and tannin filled. The tannins are soft but big like a new fluffy blanket. The finish get green vegetable and farmers table. […]

Helwig Winery

December 18th, 2014 | No Comments

Helwig Winery • (Sierra Foothills) Amador, CA Like so many of my adventures, Helwig was discovered on sheer dumb luck. My wife and I were invited to a great charity event for the Triumph Cancer Foundation called Triumph Uncorked. It’s a fantastic summer event at Helwig Winery full of fun people, good music and of course great wine. […]

Valley of the Moon 2012 Small Lots Pinot Noir

December 17th, 2014 | No Comments

Valley of the Moon 2012 Small Lots Pinot Noir Tobacco leaf, a bit of cherry, some dark chocolate shavings and some young shoots of garden mint. Some spices come to play mid-palate. The spices are short lived but makes you take notice. Finishes earthy and all around your tongue. It’s a nice wrap. Not a long finish […]

Draconis 2009 Petite Sirah

December 16th, 2014 | No Comments

Draconis 2009 Petite Sirah A dark berry and spearmint nose. It’s not a sultry, dark, ruby colored P.S. It’s something else. Acids jump out on the front of you palate. Bold, round but chalky tannins lay on your palate like a 100 lb. golden lab that thinks she’s a lap dog. A spicy acidity comes […]

Failla 2012 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

December 15th, 2014 | No Comments

Failla 2012 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir A ridiculously lovely cherry start. Secondary cocoa notes provide a lovely depth to the nose. Smells crisp and balanced. Jumps to the center of your mouth to dance and it gets there quickly. I think it’s made that way. The playful acidity doesn’t last long. Shifts gears on the rear palate. […]

Karmère 2012 La Petite Morgan Nebbiolo

December 12th, 2014 | No Comments

Karmère 2012 La Petite Morgan Nebbiolo A soft and gentle nose from the regal Nebbiolo grape. A jumble of dark fruit with some high spices like clove or mint following a few paces behind. Not a forward nose. She’s not so quick to give up her secrets. Delightful acid structure. Just right. The dainty nose […]

2012 Nine Gables Primera

December 10th, 2014 | No Comments

2012 Nine Gables Primera A Primitivo and Barbera blend that is plummy with a currant base. It fills the nose. Secondary mint notes rounds it out. A sweet start once on the lips but it doesn’t hang around. Tart tannins develop from under the tongue and reach upward. Wets the top of your mouth. Sweet raspberries […]

Elevation Ten 2013 Sauvignon Blanc

December 9th, 2014 | No Comments

Elevation Ten 2013 Sauvignon Blanc A gentle green apple nose. It’s soft and delicious. You are not surprised by delighted that it continues through the palate. Light twinkling acids flutter here and there. If you guessed the sour snap would eventually wet your palate then you would be right. A little tart snap at the […]

Julietta Winery 2012 Beverly’s Legacy

December 8th, 2014 | No Comments

Julietta Winery 2012 Beverly’s Legacy A 60/20/20 blend of Mouvedre/Tannat/Zin. Offers a nose full of woodsy brambles and mixed berries. So earthy. A good balance of fruit and earth. A soothing nose. At least that’s the story my nose got. One good sip and “boom!” A palate explosion of fruit and vibrant acidity. Not for […]

Chateau Lousteauneuf 2010 Bourdeaux Blend

December 5th, 2014 | No Comments

Chateau Lousteauneuf 2010 Bourdeaux Blend My wife was at Costco recently and cruised the wine aisle wondering if any new juice hit the shelves. A bit surprised, she found a few French offerings. Loving the idea of revisiting all the great juice we had while in Paris this past summer, she picked a few up. […]