Ashes & Diamonds

"Ashes & Diamonds Winery is a love letter to Napa Valley as it was when it took the world stage in the 1960s, revealing itself, along with Santa Cruz, as a geological wonderland capable of world-class wines."
Daily • 11a-7p
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• July 2019


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K&S Comment:

"The new kid on the Napa block.
New meets old in this retro
Palm Springs inspired, 60s style tasting room.
lower alcohol & focus on acidity
One of my new favorite wineries!
Bad-Ass🔥 is my adjective!

Winery Information

K & S Notes:

• On HWY 29 just North of Napa
• Open til 7pm & closest to city of Napa 
• Architecturally impressive. New.
• Cab Franc Rosé... btw its stupid ridiculous.
• Large spacious outdoor grounds.


Public Traditional Weekend:
reservations suggested


$40 - $125


Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillion, Merlot,
Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon

Bottle Price:

$35 - $195


~ 5K Cases