Root Down

"Mike's Rootdown label refers to the grassroots of winemaking and the downward influence of the soil on wine, particularly in organic winemaking. Rootdown focuses on varietal specific wines from single vineyards that lead with earth and texture, rather than only fruit. Currently, Rootdown is making wines from the more obscure varieties. Yet over the next few years, the brand will begin to focus on Jura-inspired varietals with Cole Ranch as its source. Stylistically, the wines will continue to be low alcohol, high acid, and with a decidedly hands-off approach, allowing the grapes and specific sites to speak for themselves."
Fri & Sat • 12-6p Sun • 12-4p

• July 2021

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K&S Comments:

“Root Down is “the Brand” but “Es Okay” is the “other brand.” I was introduced to “Es Okay” first and thought it was “just right.” It’s not “amaze-balls” “high brow” wine, it’s…. “Es Okay!” [freakin’ genius] After the experience, I wanted more and made plans to visit The Drink and taste Root Down. It was a treat. Root Down is finely manicured, low alcohols and well balanced. Root Down is not just “Okay”… that juice is legit.”


K&S Notes:

• Inside “The Drink” just off Healdsburg Square
• Two wineries pour wine here. Root Down & Leo Steen.
• Part tasting room, part coffee shop.
• A “Euro” Coffee Wagon lives here.
• The Drink is within steps of 4 other wineries. 
• Root Down has a few “sister” brands you could also try here. 
• Es Okay & Cole Ranch.

Winery Type:

Public, Traditional

Tasting Fee:



Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Grenache Blanc, Trousseau, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, Mouvédre

Bottle Price:

$18 – $39


~4K Cases