Archery Summit

"Gary Andrus launched Archery Summit in 1993, infatuated by Pinot Noir and the capacity the Willamette Valley seemed to have for it. The Dundee Hills in particular caught his eye, because it shares similar growing conditions with Burgundy, France, and some of the most acclaimed Pinot Noir vineyards on earth."
Tue - Thu: 11a - 4p Fri - Mon: 10a - 5p

• July 2021

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K&S Comments:

“Archery Summit is the stereotypical beautiful Willamette destination. High on the hill, rolling vineyards to soak in while tasting on their patio. Not an ideal spot during the winter I supposed unless you reserve your tasting in their ridiculous caves! It’s nice down there. It’s legit. Pinot is solid. Not just a pretty face up there, the juice is good too.”


K&S Notes:

• ~40 (disjointed acres of vineyardsin Dundee.
• top of rolling hills vineyards
• patio, lawn or cave tastings
• 1/4 mile cave system under the hills
• Chardonnay and Pinot Noir plus a little Pinot Gris

Winery Type:

Public, Traditional

Tasting Fee:

$40 • 5 wines
(waived w/wine club)


Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir

Bottle Price:

$48 – $125


~10K Cases