Borra Vineyards 2012 Red Fusion Blend

2012.borra.redfusionBorra Vineyards 2012 Red Fusion Blend

Chocolate covered raspberries in the nose. No wait… cherries… No wait… I do believe I have underestimated this cunning blend. Definitely some complexity here where I was expecting a solid table wine.

A lovely structure as it sits on the palate. Don’t rush it. A lovely structure. Precise. Substantial dusty tannins makes this a great summer red. I’m definitely loving the late tart twang on the rear palate. Pleasantly unexpected. Finishes even.

Retail: $19.99

(K&S Rating: 4 of 6)

Winemaker Notes: “Our favorite crowd-pleaser is a deliciously dry, complex fusion of Lodi’s best winegrape varietals. If this wine were a food, you’d swear it was a gorgeous slab of Chinese pork spare ribs, glazed and cooked to form a slightly charred, eminently delectable crust. Dip that in a sour cherry-clove, mouth-filling sauce and you’re set for the evening. Typical of fine age-worthy wines, you’ll notice smooth, almost chalky tannins on the roof of your mouth moving to a lingering tartness. And if you concentrate, you’ll also find some notes of plums, meaty black cherries, rich wood, and rose petals dancing in your nose. To quench your hunger, throw those ribs on the barbie, or make a 911 call for Chinese take out.” • 660 cases


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