Clarksburg’s Old Sugar Mill

Just 10 miles south of Sacramento, across a quaint little bridge, Clarksburg sits peacefully on the west side of the river on the edgy of the California Delta. Clarksburg is a quaint little AVA known more for being the source of tons of great fruit for pricier bottles made elsewhere. Luckily, all the grapes grown in Clarksburg don’t leave. There are a few wineries sprinkled around the area but the easiest way to experience Clarksburg juice is to visit The Old Sugar Mill.

The Old Sugar Mill was built before WWII trying to bring a reliable source of sugar to the growing Sacramento area. If my information is correct, they renovated around 2000 and started housing wineries. The building not only hosts great tasting rooms, some with patios, but they also have full crush pads and are fully functional wine making facilities. With 13 wineries currently pouring juice, regular food truck visits and a ridiculous grass lawn, The Old Sugar Mill is a no brainer for wine tasting.

Today, I am visiting one of the older tenants of the OSM and can’t wait for my Wine Wednesday tasting at Three Wine Company. What a treat to come visit a great winery, especially on a quiet and mellow day free of the typical hustle and bustle. Sometimes the best experiences are those least travelled.

The Old Sugar Mill is a great venue for special events and large groups to go tasting. With 13 wineries in one venue, there is plenty for everyone to enjoy. The real treat at the OSM… the special events! Check their website because they always have great things planned.

Cheers to finding the gems out there!

The Old Sugar Mill
35265 Willow Ave
Clarksburg, CA 95612
(916) 744-1615
Open Daily 11a-5p



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