"Knudsen Vineyards is an iconic vineyard in the heart of the acclaimed Dundee Hills AVA overlooking the fertile Willamette Valley, majestic Mt. Hood and the North Cascade mountain range. Our family has grown grapes and made wine here for 45 years."
Daily: 10:30a - 4:30p

• July 2021

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K&S Comments:

“There is one fairly consistent story that I have discovered with vineyard owners. If you have made a living, especially for decades, selling high quality fruit, eventually you will make your own wine with said fruit. The next question is how long until you keep all or most of that fruit for yourself? Knudsen is just one of those families. The Knudsen brand opened in late 2019 and here the small tasting room sits on a sprawling 230 vineyard. The wine is well made. Balance is a priority. While sitting on the deck above their tasting room looking out over the vineyard may sound great, so does going on a hiking around the property tasting as you go with Paige Knudsen herself. By the way, she is a gem. Sweet, kind and thoughtful but you can tell she is not the one to try to push around. Again… balance. One of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while. If you come tasting with kids, they will offer them a blind tasting…. of juice. You know the unfermented kind. What a cool concept! Keep mom and dad happy. Keep the kids happy. Once again, balance. You are off to a great start Knudsen!”


K&S Notes:

• Used to be Erath but always owned by the Knudsen family.
• Historically a source vineyard for Erath, Argyle and others.
• A classic Pinot house.
• Tasting room built onto an old Montgomery Ward house.
• 230 acre vineyard, 130 on vine.

Winery Type:

Public, Traditional

Tasting Fee:

$35 Outlook Signature
$45 Reserve


Chardonnay, Pinot Noir

Bottle Price:

$30 – $70


~2K Cases