Markham 2008 Altruist Cabernet Sauvignon

markham2008altruistMarkham 2008 Altruist Cabernet Sauvignon

Black cherry and soft vanilla and caramel. Great subtle nuances. Creamy mid-palate and a long finish.

Retail: $55.00

(K&S Rating: 4 of 6)

Winemaker Notes: “The Altruist, on the other hand, is sourced further north from our Calistoga Ranch, positioned at the base of Mt. St. Helena. Located in a canyon and surrounded by wild Bay Laurel trees, this site was difficult to plant due to rocky soils and lack of a consistent water source. Kimberlee says of The Altruist, “the more wilderness terroir of the Calistoga estate would lead one to believe that it would be the monster of the two but it is quite the opposite. The gravely soils actually accentuate the bay and anise flora and are reflective in the wine showing more floral, so while not delicate, The Altruist is probably the more feminine of the two bottlings.””


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