Revolution St. Rey 2012 Celeste Field Blend

2012.revolution.strey.celesteRevolution St. Rey 2012 Celeste Field Blend

Dusty raspberries and raisins. Gives it a wise nose. Gentle acids and tannins greet you at the door. Accommodating. Welcoming and gentle like walking into your grandmother’s house. Mellow and inviting. Just when you think you have this one pegged, the finish puckers at the end. The easy going nature gives way to flutters and a playful personality the suddenly emerges just in time for the finish.  Cool ending. Who doesn’t love a good curve ball? • 250 Cases

Retail: $30

(K&S Rating: 5 of 6)

Winemaker Notes: “This blend is a true Field Blend. Each variety came from the same small vineyard and was harvested and fermented together. A lively bouquet of cedar and violet along with firm tannins give way to a delicate complexity of cherry and spice on the palate. Balance and structure make this an age-worthy gem. We love this wine so much that we named it after our winemaker’s mother Celeste.”


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