Tejada 2006 Reserve Tempranillo

tejadatempranillo2006Tejada 2006 Reserve Tempranillo

You’ve got to take a close look at this juice before you do anything else.  Don’t swirl it nor sniff it.  It is a striking ruby read and teases the eyes with hints of blue.  Once you get your nose into this stunning liquid morsel, you will find strawberries and nuts with a hint of plum.  Black currant will wash your palate.  Wonderfully balanced with a great finish. I gotta get another bottle…


Retail: $25.00

(K&S Rating: 5 of 6)

Winemakers Notes: “This wine, which we sometimes call “little T” (the Reserve is “big T) is, like the Reserve, deeply colored and full bodied, although it is half Garnacha. The Garnacha from the Tejada vineyard is always juicy and bright, with red fruits and spice. Adding the Tempranillo gives it depth and color but the wine remains approachable and easy to drink, even it its youth. As always, the “little T” is meant for enjoyment, not necessarily contemplation. It gets the same highbrow treatment as the Reserve, the same French oak barrels (with a slightly lower percentage of new oak) and is bottled at the same time as the Reserve.”



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