2011 Matrix Russian River Zinfandel

matrixlogo2011 Matrix Russian River Zinfandel

Mixed berries and a hint of mint drive the nose. Once on the palate, it is a it acidic and definitely peppery and none of that is on accident.  This wine is crafted to be a big dog on a little street.  It’s not shy and not trying to be complex.  Here it comes… Zin Bomb!

Retail: $28.00


(K&S Rating: 4 of 6)

Winemaker Notes: “Subtle aromas of blackberry, blueberry and oak mingle with baking spices. The smooth entry reveals luscious flavors as the wine glides across your palate and lingers. Brambly berries mix with a bit of plum, the perfect touch of black pepper and just a hint of bosc pear in the finish to create a lovely essence of flavors. Round and rich, this Zin offers an elegant sophistication not often found in the varietal. Try pairing with rack of lamb or moussaka.”



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