2012 Three Wine Co. Riesling

2012.3wineco.riesling2012 Three Wine Co. Riesling

Smells like my Asian pear tree in my backyard. Not just the pears but also the tree itself as it blooms. I know it sounds odd but that is what I got. The pear continues on the palate with some honeysuckle to sweeten the adventure. Get’s slightly sour and wet just in time for the finish.  Nice.

Retail: $18.00


(K&S Rating: 4 of 6)

Winemaker Notes:”The River East Vineyard is located right along the Russian River and is situated southwest and down-river from the northern California town of Healdsburg. These vines are growing in a deep gravelly loam soil and are shrouded in fog and cool weather during most of the growing season. These conditions allow for full maturity at lower sugar levels enhancing the full expression of this wonderful grape variety.

Aromas of pears, apricots, and peaches dominate with hints of orange blossoms. The mouth feel is full and balanced with its acidity level. Zesty flavors of pears and apricots dominate with a slight lingering aftertaste of minerals. The relative ripeness of this wine would enhance richly sauced chicken or fish entrées.”

Scott @ K&S
Author: Scott @ K&S


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