2017 Three Wine Company • Episode 3

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Who doesn’t love a good winery tour? I had the fortuitous experience at the end of my tasting with Matt at Three Wine Company. In walks the Assistant Winemaker Carolyn and she offered to pour us their current Carignan vertical. This is literally one of my favorite wine tasting experiences. Getting a chance to see the difference a years experiences have on fruit and how it comes out in the wine. Love it! It was a pleasure to meet you Carolyn! I’m so lucky you dropped by. How in the world do you get that Carignan so smooth and yummy?

Today, I had that experience at Three Wine Company inside the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, CA.  I had the opportunity to meet with Matt McCollough, Tasting Room Manager, at Three Wine Company on a quiet Wednesday with nobody around. No crowds, no noise just us and the wine. Such a great experience. Doesn’t hurt that Matt is ridiculously knowledgable, humble and welcoming. Not a bad personality to have behind the counter showing off their wine selection.

The Old Sugar Mill is a no brainer for great wine tasting. So many wineries, one location and a little bit to choose from for so many palates. Combine that with a huge grassy area for picnics, food trucks and live music and you have to add it to your places to visit list.

Cheers to finding the gems out there!

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Author: Scott @ K&S


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