Abundance 2010 Bountiful Blanc

2010.abundance.bblancAbundance 2010 Elegante Rosé

Wild sage, peach and hints of yeast.  Definitely leans to the sweet side. Easy to drink.  A sip and slide sort of finish.  No too complex and not sharp knocks.  If you are rocking the wine training wheels, you definitely want to pay attention, especially at the price point. The tasting notes say served chilled and I would agree.  The colder the better.  Great spring wine.

Retail: $14.00


(K&S Rating: 4 of 6)

Winemaker Notes: “Best served chilled, the medium straw color of this Symphony and Sauvignon Blanc blend, opens up to an aromatic apricot and peach nose with a hint of banana and orange rind. The bright lively fruit of apricot and a hint of Muscat flood your mouth with your first taste. Sweet, yet tart; lean, yet full with a medium long, slightly sweet finish. The 2010 Bountiful Blanc is a fun general purpose wine, great as an aperitif, yet bright and balanced to mate with lighter foods with a little spice. This wine is a wonderful accompaniment for an afternoon picnic, for sipping by the pool, or for enjoying while listening to live music in the Abundance Vineyards courtyard.”



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