Cycles Gladiator 2011 Zinfandel

2011.cycles.zinCycles Gladiator 2011 Zinfandel

I re-opened this one Saturday afternoon. Good choice for a rainy afternoon.

When you dive in, look for a nice blend of herbs and spices.  I want to say mint, sage and/or rosemary.  It’s a fun nose. Wait until the dark, jumble of berries to bring up the rear.  An easy drinker.  Fairly linear.  A peak of acidity on the rear palate which subsides as soon as it arrives.  Look forward to a few spices and bitters on the finish which is simple but rewarding.

Retail: $9.00 [Doors Closing Sale!]

(K&S Rating: 5)

Winemaker Notes: “Grown and produced in Lodi, the Zinfandel capital of the world, this brilliantly ruby-hued Zin shows off enticing aromas of ripe blackberries and wisps of allspice. After thorough swirling, a sip reveals layers of blackberries and black cherry jam, touched by flavors reminiscent of caramelized brown sugar. This wine’s bold flavor complements a silky texture and firm tannins on the finish. A touch of acid aids this wine’s smooth rounded finish.


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