Four Vines 2011 Biker Zinfandel

2011.fourvines.bikerzinFour Vines 2011 Biker Zinfandel

Raspberry and dry oak notes. Solid and playful. Smells delightful. I love contrasting aromatics. Oh wow…

I was thinking, big raspberry notes, strong oak undertone and a name like “Biker” that I was about to walk in on a full on party. More like a mom having a full spa day. Talk about flipping the script.  On the palate she’s so mellow and embracing. The acid strums and crescendos for what seems like an eternity. She gives you some more then backs off, gives you some more and backs off agin. What a tease. She is playing hard to get. Rascal. Finish makes you want to run back to the front of the line. That was fun.

Huge buy at the price point. Don’t miss out.

Retail: $18

(K&S Rating: 5 of 6)




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