Helwig 2012 Barbera

2012.helwig.barberaHelwig 2012 Barbera

An herbal and spice filled nose. Its full of assorted red fruit. A seashell. Keep digging your nose in there and you can smell the vineyard air in the Shenandoah Valley here in Amador, CA. Neat trick.

The pepper and spice livens up the palate in a hurry. Its always good to have those folks that will get on the dance floor to get the party started. By the way, its a long party. Wow! The finish is like the post party chat with softer music, the shoes are off and its nothing but close friends having a different version of an old conversation. Nothing but the friends that stick around to help you clean up. The finish is familiar red fruit that lingers far longer than needed.  A welcomed treat. Barbera is sometimes called the Italian table wine of the common folk. This is an uncommon adventure.

Retail:  $24


K&S Rating: 5

Scott @ K&S
Author: Scott @ K&S


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