Karmére 2003 Empress La Petite Rachel Syrah

2003.karmere.empresssyrahKarmére 2003 Empress La Petite Rachel Syrah

So my wife says, “It’s Wednesday.  It’s Wine Wednesday.  Come on Wine Snob!”  Feeling called out, I went to my wine bar and I reached for… I reached for…. Well, there no “stand-by” bottles there. Where were my “go-to” bottles?  I guess it has been a busy few weeks.  All drinking and no replentishing makes for a bare bar.  So I went into my cave, aka storage under the stairs, and I found this little bottle that we bought years ago while out tasting in the Sierra Foothills.  Boom woman!  Here’s a 10 year old syrah!  (Between us… I never planned to age this guy.  I think it just got lost in the shuffle.  I am hoping for a delightful surprise.)

Feeling redeemed… Once I dug my nose into, this is what I found.

As soon as I popped the cork, dark berries jumped into my nose.  Sweet and vibrant, river swollen blackberries followed by blueberries driving a good sweet tone.  There is a hint of worn brown leather or gentle tobacco in the back of the nose.  The structure aged very well.  It hit my palate a bit aggressively but it was almost as if it was excited to play.  Immediately it spread out and showed its age.  Complex, interesting and full of character.  The tobacco definitely comes out on the palate with some gentle spices and a slight tang of acidity.  The finish is long but not to robust.  Pleasant surprise. I’m glad you hid in the cave.  Well played Empress Rachel.  Well played.

Retail: $21.00


(K&S Rating: 5 of 6)

Winemaker’s (Tasting) Notes: “Blueberries, blackberries & tobacco, this is one syrah you’ll never forget. Smooth & lush tannins round out what is a perfect example of Sierra foothill Syrah. Pair this with any red meat dish or turkey.”


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