Michael David 2010 Gluttony Zinfandel

2010.michaeldavid.gluttonyzinMichael David 2010 Gluttony Zinfandel

Dusty pomegranate and strawberry in the nose. Smells sweet and jammy. The palate however is a bit of a trickster. Hickory and honey notes dominate the palate. The finish is evenly balanced and puts in solid work for quite a while. Go big or go home.

[Soapbox Time]  I have never liked this style of Zin. I just got a call from the wine police and they say it is ok to admit you don’t like a wine. While I was tasting at the Michael David Tasting Room in Lodi, CA, I was literally standing in a crowd nd folks that were raving about this juice. In fact, I was getting weird looks, even comments, because I wasn’t following the crowd gushing. People…. the palate likes what the palate likes. Wine tasting is not a True or False test. Everyone speaks with their own palate. I taste and share my adventure, not yours. I write because I enjoy sharing my adventures about wine. Helping others find that wine that is a good fit for their palate gives me happiness. By the way, wineries would rather hear how you really feel about a wine than meaningless gushing. Saying “Wasn’t that amazing!” is empty and says nothing. It’s ok to admit you don’t like a wine. You are one palate in millions and the winery you are visiting likely has many other wines to share with you. Keep it real Wine Snobs.

Retail: $59


(K&S Rating: 3 of 6)

Winemaker Notes: “Olallieberry jam in a bottle!  Balanced , deceptively masculine; the attack is a spot on fusion of fruit with just enough tannin on the aftertaste.  The finish slathers on the jam with a deft hand!”

Scott @ K&S
Author: Scott @ K&S


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