Miner’s Leap Winery

Miner’s Leap Winery

I found Miner’s Leap totally by accident.  I was heading to Clarksburg to visit the Old Sugar Mill, blinked and almost missed this little nugget.  On the way back, I stopped by and found myself sipping wine with the folks that just finished pouring for me at the Old Sugar Mill.  If you find industry folks enjoying wine after work, that is definitely a sign you are in the right place.

Miner’s Leap is literally an old barn hiding behind the levy that holds back the Sacramento River.  The barn is a bit deceiving because I thought barn meant farm, grapes, tractors, etc.  However, the barn and the cat are kind of it.  If I heard the story correctly, Miner’s Leap is a winery but not a vineyard despite owning a barn.  They purchase their grapes like so many winemakers these days all from the Clarksburg appellation.  However, this does not take away from their passion nor their business model.

Miner’s Leap is the exact place you want to be on a warm spring afternoon.  Imagine sitting out on a fantastic patio, in the shadow of the barn, enjoying  a bottle of wine with great friends and better conversation.  As you watch the sun go down your only worry is how much is left in the bottle.  It is amazing!  Definitely a recommend.

Miner’s Leap is definitely a boutique winery.  They are not trying to sell a ton of wine.  In fact, they don’t make that much wine to begin with.  They specialize in making small lots and when I inquired if they were looking to sell more, they looked at me quizzically like I had ordered donuts.  I guess if it ain’t broke.  I will definitely be heading back this spring.  Wanna join me?


54250 South River Road
Clarksburg, CA 95612

How to get there:

Just South of Sacramento, off of I-5, exit the Pocket/Meadowview heading East.  Turn right on Freeport Blvd heading toward the quaint little town of Freeport.  Across from the golf course, turn right and take the bridge across the river.  Turn left and follow the river South.  Look to your right for about a mile.  Look left and turn down the driveway to enjoy Miner’s Leap.



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