Outpost 2012 Grenache

2012.outpost.hmgrenacheOutpost 2012 Grenache

Blackberry, plum and smoke are understated and lovely.  As I sit hear enjoying the wonderful bouquet of this wine, I have to comment on my view.  I am sitting on Outpost’s exquisite crushed granite patio on top of Howell Mountain overlooking a small vineyard covered valley that looks like it has been painted for my pleasure. Wow… Okay, back to the juice.

The tart tannins will ring your doorbell early in the adventure.  It’s my first wine of the day and it definitely got my attention.  Simple.  Straight forward and well made.  It finishes with a berry filled hurray as it fades. I really enjoyed that.

Retail: $39


(K&S Rating: 5 of 6)



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