Pondl 2011 “The Dame” Chardonnay

2011.pondl.chardPondl 2011 “The Dame” Chardonnay

Here is an oddity. A Lodi wine with Carneros  (Napa) fruit. Lots of fruit travels from Lodi and is used to supplement Napa wines. It’s a fairly common practice. However, in this instance, the grapes flow the opposite directions.

Aged in French Oak with warm green apple notes. Citrusy on the palate with hints of herbs and butter. It’s a bit zingy on the finish.

Retail: $24.00


(K&S Rating: 3 of 6)

Winemaker Notes: “A Pondl Chardonnay. Will ya check out them gams? This wine is well rounded like the brim of a ladies suit hat! The color is like a tint of honey in a glass; Buttery and full-bodied with oak, hazelnut and a hint of green apple on the palate, making this an exceptional Chardonnay; stunning and silky – mysterious as a dame!”


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