Sbragia 2012 “Gino’s Estate” Zinfandel

2012.sbraggiaginozinSbragia 2012 “Gino’s Estate” Zinfandel

Oak, sweet red fruit and a hint of brown sugar. Big fruit and tangled acid notes get busy quickly. Pleasing tart tannins come calling mid-palate. They crescendo and begin to get thick. It becomes a big experience and just when you think you will be overwhelmed, the fog lifts. You palate almost cleans itself and you are left with dabbles of spices that fade through a playful finish. Oh yeah! Great story.

Retail: $44.00

(K&S Rating: 5 of 6)

Winemaker Notes: “This wine is a tribute to my father in more ways than one. We make my red wines the way my Dad taught us – keep the barrels clean and topped, and the wine will take care of itself. The 2012 vintage is full of lush ripe red fruit.   It has a core of sweet red currant and strawberry. Good acidity and a bright finish make this a great match for many foods.”


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