Spenker 2010 Petite Sirah

2010.spenker.psSpenker 2010 Petite Sirah

Slightly inky. Almost looks chewy. A subtle nose but I found black berries and raspberries. I have to admit, I had to fight to find them. Elusive. She’s a bit shy, especially for a PS. Tart, round tannins rule the palate but in an underwhelming sort of way. At 14+% this is not a little wine but carries like something lighter than it is. Think of it as a big red for the more delicate palate. The finish is about as even and balanced as you could imagine. Smooth and mellow. Not my style of Petite Sirah but I definitely enjoyed that.

Retail: $26


(K&S Rating: 4 of 6)

Scott @ K&S
Author: Scott @ K&S


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