Three Wine Company 2010 Petite Sirah

2010.threewine.psThree Wine Company 2010 Petite Sirah

Dark and inky. Its a “hold it to the light and marvel” sort of color. The nose is filled with blueberries and a hint of wild sage. Big round tannins envelop the tongue quickly. Some interesting bitters stop by to fool around. I have had my tongue wrapped in tannin goodness many times but this little rascal goes after your lips. It is bold and has a bit of an attitude. My rule with Petite Sirah is “go big or go home.” I guess someone else got the memo.

Retail: $20.00

(K&S Rating: 4 of 6)

Winemaker Notes“… This 2010 Petite Sirah is one to be enjoyed along with that perfect meat focused dish. Whether you’re hosting a bbq in the backyard, or making standing rib roast for the holidays, there will be nothing petite about this 2010 Petite Sirah. Only word of caution…make sure if you take that family photo around the holidays, do so before drinking a glass of the 2010 Petite Sirah, this inky blue/black Petite is sure to leave it’s mark! Finger paint if you want! Why not?  • 1758 Cases 

Scott @ K&S
Author: Scott @ K&S


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