Todd Taylor 2012 Reserve Blue House Primitivo

2012.toddt.reserveprimitivoTodd Taylor 2012 Reserve Blue House Primitivo

Sweet fruit and boysenberry. Has a slightly woodsy feel. Expect the tannins to come and get you early in the adventure. Not a huge wine but your tongue will know its been dragged off to a brand new world. The tannins are round and come with a tangy acidity that are entertaining. The finish is slightly peppery and has good endurance. Definitely a good ride.

Retail: $50.00

(K&S Rating: 4 of 6)

Wine Characteristics:
Aroma: Blackberry, Chocolate, Bay Leaf
Fruit: Boysenberry, Cherry
Tannin: Hazelnut, Cocoa
Oak: Smoky Cedar, Pepper, Clove
Aging: 18 Months New American Oak



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