2011 Original Grandpere Zinfandel


2011 Original Grandpere Zinfandel

This guy gives the real meaning to Old Vine Zin. The juice is sourced from the oldest recorded Zin vines in the country.  Planted around the 1860s, these vines are old so they don’t produce tons of fruit.  The grapes they do harvest make a big impact in the glass.

Big red fruit with hints of mint.  When it hits your palate, you will melt in delight.  The tannins are velvety and wet. This juice is in no rush to go anywhere.  It’s old and acts like it.  Imagine listening to your great grandfather tell you a story that is still bright in his memory. You watch him share each detail like it happened yesterday. It took a while but well worth the wait. Big price point for OVZ but worth every nickel. Buy a bottle and save it for a special day. I’m thinking it will be better in a few years which is scary.

Retail: $64.99


(K&S Rating: 6 of 6)

Tasting Notes: “Planted in 1869, the Original Grandpere Vineyard is one of the truly iconic California vineyards and the oldest documented Zinfandel vineyard in America. Farmed by only four families over its 140 year history, the vineyard produces a very small amount of fruit each year and every ton is prized by winemakers. We find a rare harmony of ripe red fruit, pepper, and spice in this vintage; an incredible companion to steak, ribs, and hearty stews.” • 115 cases

Scott @ K&S
Author: Scott @ K&S


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