Berghold 2011 Crankcase

2011.bergholdcrankcaseBerghold 2011 Crankcase

Smoky American Oak in the nose as if on command like a scratch and sniff sticker.  After the the oak floods in, blackberry and black cherry notes will arrive at the party.  Immediately sweet on the front of the palate.  The sweet is like sweet hickory and fig. Maybe some maple notes but not syrupy.  Mellow spices on the short finish.  I was really digging the nose but not a fan of the fig/hickory idea. The locals really love this wine. Hard sell for me at this price point.

Retail: $35.99

(K&S Rating: 3)

Winemaker Notes: “A big, full bodied, complex, bold red blend consisting of 4 varietals (of which no one knows but the winemaker) developed to consume with your favorite steak. Not a carnivore? You’ll enjoy it on its own. Bouquet of deep black cherries. Full bodied, complex, firm tannins.  Notes of black mission fig preserves with layers of succulent juicy pit fruit and a subtle touch of cinnamon, tasting like a raspberry chocolate truffle.”


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