Helwig 2013 Rosé de Shenandoah

2013.helwig.roseHelwig 2013 Rosé de Shenandoah

What a vibrant colored rosé. It just looks pretty and the nose is lively full of strawberries and green vines. Nice contrast.

Quite a big blend. Starts pleasantly sweet. Expected. Acid structure twangs in the mid-palate and gets lively. Zingy. Finishes fun. As it fades, a sour tone prevails which almost gets you to smack your lips. It’s not a short finish. Its in no rush to let you go. Nice.

Great appetizer and social gathering wine. Not to mention, it looks great sitting on the table.

Retail:  $20


K&S Rating: 4

Scott @ K&S
Author: Scott @ K&S


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