M2 2011 Tormenta Tempranillo

2011m2tempranilloM2 2011 Trio Blend

I would really like to get my nose back into this guy.  I feel like I missed something. It was talked up to me by someone I met and also in the tasting room.  The talk started with the 2010 but folks were raving about this wine. After tasting the offerings at M2, I was disappointed.  I enjoyed their juice. When I got to this, all I could thing was that all the pieces were there but I was left blank. I got some great strawberries notes and delightful oak in the nose.  I found it to be made well and without any “sharp corners.” However, I found the adventure to be fairly uneventful.  Some nice fruit and a spice finish.  Still wondering what I missed.

Retail: $18.00


(K&S Rating: 3 of 6)

Winemaker Notes: “Kirschenman Vineyard, on the east side of Lodi is our source for this new-world interpretation of one of Spain’s greatest grapes. The 2011 is oaky, smokey, fruit and complex.”

Scott @ K&S
Author: Scott @ K&S


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