Matrix 2011 Boschetti Zinfandel

2011.matrixzinMatrix 2011 Boschetti Zinfandel

A great blend.  Not a varietal blend but a blend of structure.  I found it to be a great balance between being extremely fruit forward but also delivering earth and spice.  Think creek bed completely covered in ripe, fragrant berry vines.  The bouquet surrounds you like a hug.  The nose makes you think it is going to be big but once on the palate, it gets really laid back and slow rolling.  In fact, I found myself pushing it to the back of my mouth to finish the experience.  She definitely had other ideas. If you get a hold of one of these, don’t yourself a favor and don’t rush her.  Once on the rear palate, a great pepper will spice things up and add character to the finish.  The finish will be in no hurry so don’t plan anything.  Well done!

Retail: $32.00

(K&S Rating: 5 of 6)

Winemaker Notes: “Distinctive aromas and flavors of juicy ripe blackberries mixed with just a touch of Asian pear hallmarks this Zin. The creamy mouthfeel also reveals boysenberry, blueberry and a layer of spicy black pepper. Softening tannins and gentle oak notes meld with the luscious flavors to create an irresistible wine.”



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