McCay Cellars 2011 Faith Zinfandel

2011.mccayfaithbarrelMcCay Cellars 2011 Faith Zinfandel

There are a couple of things that really peak my interest.  I love when the thief is introduced in a story and when the person pouring leans in, brings you a clean glass and whispers, “You have got to try this!”  That was how I tasted Faith at McCay.

I know this is not a typical tasting note so I won’t get trite and predictable now.  When I dove into this dream, I can swear that I got jalapeño.  Not the spicy experience that makes you dive for your beverage at the taqueria but the pre-cut smell at the grocery store. Go figure.

Definitely oaky with hints of brown sugar.  A bit of a peek-a-boo experience on the palate.  It hides, pokes you with spices and then hides again.  The finish fades to black like some overly dramatic novella.  Great character.  Pay attention!  This little guy will be bottled and presented in Spring 2014.  Don’t miss it!  I think they are only making 2000 cases or so.  It won’t last long.

Retail: $19.00

(K&S Rating: 5 of 6)



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