Bray Vineyards 2011 Syrah

2011.bray.syrahBray Vineyards 2011 Syrah

A darker Syrah that is dripping with a blackberries. It’s swimming with them. Keeping digging and it begins to get floral as well. It’s like someone with flowers snuck into the room behind you. A delightful sweet.

Sour and snappy on the palate. A bright acidity. You will smack your tongue after you swallow. I always love that. Bright tannins makes the finish wet and savory. That’s a nice Syrah.

Retail: $22

(K&S Rating: 4 of 6)

Winemaker Notes: “Syrah, also known as Shiraz, is established in the Rhone Valley of France and was first planted in California in the late 1800s. The Sierra Foothills are one of the original locations of Syrah vines in California. Harvested by hand, this complex wine is aged for sixteen months in French and American oak barrels. With hints of clove, our Syrah is a full, flavorful wine.

Scott @ K&S
Author: Scott @ K&S


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