Pondl 2011 “The Fella” Zinfandel

2011.pondl.zin.fellaPondl 2011 “The Fella” Zinfandel

Not big aromatics like I come to expect with Lodi Zins. Mixed berry notes to start with a hint of spice. The palate is hit by a barrage of spices the moment it hits your palate.  Behind the spice there is some sweet fig.  The tannins are solid and will sit.  The finish gets unexpectedly wet.

Retail: $24.00


(K&S Rating: 3 of 6)

Winemaker Notes: “100% Lodi Zin that dares to be different. The bouquet is filled with oak and red berry fruit. The first impression on the palate is freshness; fresh fruit with enough acidity to make this a perfect food wine. A hint of vanilla on the mid-palate with sweet anise on the finish. This Zinfandel may standout, with a mild contemptuous swagger of a fella.



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