Story Wines 2010 Mission

2010.story.missionStory Wines 2010 Mission

A great blend of fruit and earth in this Mission varietal. For those of you new to this varietal, it was brought to California by the Spanish missionaries. Now a rare grape so pay attention when you see it on the shelf.

The vines that produce this juice are old. That has always intrigued me especially since many big vineyards yank old vines because they don’t produce the tonnage newer vines do. There is something to be said for the quality over quantity paradigm.

I have found that old vines make mellow juice and this wine is no different. It’s almost in slow motion on your tongue. A delicate tannin structure wraps but doesn’t grab. A little tart snap wets the palate. Low acidity with a few spices makes this dream an easy drinker. A great red for wine newbies looking for a new varietal to enjoy. Good stuff. Well done indeed.

Retail: $26.00

(K&S Rating: 5 of 6)

Winemaker’s Notes: “Our Mission wine represents a true California heritage wine. The Mission grape was originally brought to California for use at the Spanish Missions in 1769. Our estate vineyard, planted in the 1890’s continues to produce complex fruit that translates into a spicy red wine with depth and character.”


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